Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Disney World - Day 3 - Hollywood Studios

The boys perfected the tourist look by day 3 of our Disney World trip!

Hollywood Studios was also decorated for Christmas with a giant Christmas tree...

Well, hello, little guy!

Ready for the Star Wars ride! The boys loved it!

They were being so goofy while oma and I tried to take their picture next to McQueen and Mater!

It took about a dozen tries to finally get this!

We had to get a penny from each park for their penny passports...

The fake rain and explosion was pretty cool on the movie set tour...

Opa was ready to give a speech for his Oscar...

In line to see Mike and Sully!

Bryce was a little spooked by them so daddy had to stand between him and Sully, while Ben held Mike's hand. So cute!

This picture makes me smile every time I see it!

This was the cute ceiling above the LONG and SLOW moving line for the Toy Story ride... but, it was definitely worth the wait!

We had lots of time to take pictures while standing in that line!

We finally got close enough to the front to receive our 3D glasses. This picture made me laugh out loud!

Coolest ride ever!!!

We were sad when it was over! If the line wasn't so long, we would've ridden that ride again!

The iconic Sorcerer's Hat!

The boys always said no to face painting... until Disney World!

I don't think I've ever seen Bryce sit that still for that long before!

Ben was so excited!

Our adorable Super Hero!

Bryce's face took a little bit longer so Ben got to watch him...

Love it!

So cute!!!

Next stop was the Disney Junior - Live on Stage show...


We stopped for one of their all time favorite treats! Bryce was trying to eat without getting cotton candy on his face paint. :) He got so upset when he accidentally wiped some of the paint off around his mouth so we headed back to the face painting tent to get a free touch up. He was happy again.

We got front row seats (and churros inside an R2D2) at the Fantasmic show!

It was time to pull out mommy's hidden stash of glow sticks and light up rings!

The show began as soon as it got dark!

Being on the front row had it's one big disadvantage... the loud speaker that was sitting right in front of us! It bothered Ben so much that Daddy eventually had to carry him away for a little while.

It wouldn't be a true Disney show if there weren't fireworks! Bryce was so tired that he slept through all the fireworks!

Bryce still sleeping while mommy shopped in the gift shops...

We had a long fun day at Hollywood Studios!

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