Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Disney World - Day 2 - Animal Kingdom

After 12 hours at Magic Kingdom the previous day, we woke up on day 2 ready for Animal Kingdom!

The park was decorated for Christmas!

The iconic Tree of Life...

The boys were terrified on the Dinosaur ride! We felt so bad! Look at Ben's face on the back row. Poor thing!

I think the boys were still recovering from Magic Kingdom!

Energized and ready for the safari ride after a nap!

We got off the ride and walked around to the entrance to get on again...

Silly opa and oma!

The Tree of Life glowing at night!

After the park, we stopped at CiCi's for dinner and met the nicest balloon guy working that night. Ben got an Incredible Hulk hat and Bryce got Batman.

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