Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sunset Beach - 1st Day on the Beach

About a week after Thanksgiving, we took a family trip to Sunset Beach. We had originally planned to go for Thanksgiving, but the flights were way too full for non-revving! The boys were only 10 months old the last time we were there, so we were really excited to go back, now that they're big enough to run around on the beach. This is my favorite time of the year there because the beach is so deserted, and the weather is cool. For the first time ever, I took my "work" camera with me on a trip. I ended up taking it out of the bag only on the first day, so we ended up with lots of pictures from our first day on the beach!

Here are the boys walking happily down oma and opa's street towards the ocean...

There were so excited!

There was no stopping them now!

The water was freezing, but they were too excited to notice!

They were getting wetter and wetter...

They both ended up completely soaked!

We didn't think they'd get that wet so weren't prepared with extra clothes. While daddy ran back to the house to get dry clothes, we had to strip them down because they were so cold!

Oops! Don't worry, I blacked it out! :)

As soon as I rewrapped Bryce, Ben dropped his towel!

And, can you tell he was very comfortable and happy in the nude?

Yay for dry clothes! Opa brought a soccer ball, and we discovered that Bryce had natural talent for soccer like his dad!

They loved flying the kite...

Bryce (on our right) now likes to make silly faces whenever he sees me trying to take his picture...

The Bergs!


This stubborn little boy wouldn't believe us when we told him he was looking through the wrong end...

Mom gave dad the camera so she could enjoy her most favorite thing to do on a beach... collecting sea shells!

Mommy and her handsome boy...

Daddy took this really cool picture of us!

He also surprised mommy with this picture... it's the name of the poem that he read for his wedding vows. :)

There was no place we'd rather be that day!

Someone was happy to have the kite all to himself...

Daddy is really good at finding sand dollars!

We've decided this trip will be an annual tradition!

While the boys took a nap, Evan and I went on a ride and saw a bunch of deer that lives on the island...

Later that evening we walked back to the beach to watch the sunset...

So pretty!

Lots more pictures to come from the rest of our trip!

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