Friday, December 28, 2012

More Snow Time & Game Time After Christmas

The day after Christmas, the boys and I went back outside to enjoy the snow some more!

Pretty quickly, the snow froze their little hands, and Bryce got very upset! LOL!

So, I ran inside and got two pairs of my socks to use as mittens... problem solved!

Now they're ready to play!

I had to beg them to stand still next to each other long enough for a quick picture! Bryce decided to give me a super cool pose...

They love making snow angels!

Getting up wasn't as easy..

Ben got upset when some snow got under his coat collar... I told him there's no crying allowed when playing in snow!

Once he got over it, he helped his brother brush snow off his back. :)

These next three pics made me laugh out loud! Here's Ben throwing a snowball right at Bryce's face...

And, this was Bryce's reaction... LOL!!!

Clearly, still upset...

Finally, both happy boys!

For Christmas, the boys got a lot of fun board games. Here are just a few that we played one night... the first of many family game nights!

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