Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Before going to bed on Christmas Eve, the boys prepared for Santa's arrival with Oreos, milk AND water. They said Santa might want both!

They went outside and left a snack for the reindeer, too...

This year, the boys got each other a Christmas present. Evan took Ben and I took Bryce shopping a couple of days before Christmas to pick out a present for their brother, and miraculously, they didn't tell each other what they got!
We let them exchange their presents before bed, and they were so excited...

After they went to bed, Santa came!

Earlier that evening, we had a Christmas Eve dinner at Uncle Eric and Aunt Alisha's house. We got this sweet picture of the cousins watching the train under the tree...

Poor Grant got attacked by all his toddler cousins!

Time to open presents!

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