Thursday, May 31, 2012

Potty Training Has Officially Begun!

You know it's time to start potty training when your kids tell you they don't want to wear diapers anymore! That's exactly what happened when the boys got home on their last day of school on May 18! We were actually planning on starting after summer school ends in early August so it would give us a month of being at home before the new school year begins, but the boys were getting anxious to try on their new big boy underwear that we had purchased a few days earlier. So, that afternoon, potty training officially began in the Berg household!

 Bryce picked out Toy Story underwear and Benjamin picked out Cars...

Once they had them on, the boys decided their new underwears were way too cute to cover up with clothes!

This is what I got when I asked them to pose... :)

Ben couldn't stop admiring his new underwear even while driving...

Luckily, they decided to put their clothes back on when Payton, their buddy from across the street, came over to play!

It's now been almost two weeks since we started training, and the boys have shown slow but continued progress. We switched from underwear to pull-ups pretty quickly though! It was just too hard and yucky to go cold turkey!

Update: After 2 long months, the boys finally became potty trained (except for night time) at the end of July, just a couple of weeks after they turned 3! Yay!!!

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