Monday, May 21, 2012

2nd Semester Artwork - 2-yr old Class

The boys brought home a bunch of cute artwork through out this past semester. And, as someone suggested, I took a picture of each piece of art, filed my favorites in a manila envelope to give to the boys one day, and discarded the rest. Here are the pictures...

The cotton ball sheep is definitely one of my favorites from this semester. It looks like one of the boys wasn't in the mood to decorate their leaf that day!

How do teachers work with glitter with toddlers without losing their minds?!

The U.S. mailbox was so clever, and I loved the colorful crosses. The flowers on the bottom right were from their school fair day and showed all the activities the boys participated in. Neither of them wanted to play in the jump house... such odd little boys!

They finished the rest of the alphabet, but it looks like I may have lost a few letters!

The boys got a kick out of playing doctor on daddy with these adorable doctor kits they made!

Perhaps this will become their future career! :)

Yep, that's the cotton ball that Bryce is trying to stick in his ear!

They've really learned their shapes this year...

Every now and then they'll count to 10 for us, but that's still hit or miss because they can't sit still long enough!

Paper plate art!

Lots of cute animal art...

Bryce decided Sponge Bob wanted a ride on his turtle... I guess Ben wasn't in the mood for art that day.

I loved these bluebonnets made out of blue popcorn!

This made me realize that out of all the little things I've tried to teach them, I've never told them where we lived!

The class made their own Easter "baskets" for the Easter egg hunt...

This made me smile...

Inside the little jars were real flower petals... I have these displayed on a shelf in our house now. :)

Seeing their little hand prints always makes me emotional!

Another one that I love and will keep forever...

I've always loved this Bible verse...

More hand prints that I wanted to keep, except Bryce got his hands on his green one and it came back missing a few fingers. :(

I loved the standing octopus. The bottom left was painted using yarn.

The boys learned a lot of Spanish words this year. They came home recently and told me the colors in Spanish. I was so shocked!

These kites were so cute and colorful...

I asked the boys to model them for me. Bryce broke the string on his after about 2 seconds.

Then we went outside to play with them...

I was going to save these to have the boys give to Evan on Father's Day, but I couldn't wait to show it to him!

They must have been learning about the ocean...

Such a great project!

This one blew my mind! It was a beautiful book illustrating each letter in the alphabet. I only took a picture of the first and last letter, and now I'm regretting it! I saved these books for the boys though.

The boys are starting to recognize their written names...

I'm so thankful for preschool teachers for having the creativity and patience to work on so many adorable art projects with our toddlers! Every time I pick the boys up from school, I look forward to seeing what piece of art I will find in their folder that day. :)

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