Monday, April 9, 2012

Lots of Easter Goodies!

This Easter was extra special because it's the first one with the boys understanding about the Easter bunny! They woke up Easter morning and were so anxious to see what the Easter bunny had dropped off for them. They must have been very good little boys because they each got a basket full of toys and treats!

Nothing makes me happier than seeing pure excitement on their little faces...

Play Doh and new movies!

Let's see what else is in there!

By the look on Bryce's face, that must be the best candy in the world!

The boys are crazy about Easter eggs! They're like little treasures to them and seem to bring them as much joy as getting a new toy!

Such a healthy breakfast they're having!

Bryce is waiting patiently for daddy to open one of his new toys...

I asked the boys if I could take a picture of them with their baskets, but they were too excited to look at the camera...

I asked them to show me their baskets as an attempt to get them to look at the camera, and it worked on one!

Later that morning, we went to Aunt Lizzy's house for her annual Easter egg hunt...

Another basket full of treasures!

The boys love small stuffed animals. Here they are hugging their new baby chick and frog from nana...

Showing off their loot...

A few days before Easter, the boys got early baskets from oma and opa Berg... these boys are so spoiled!

Look how much they've grown since last Easter!

And, their very first Easter!

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