Monday, December 19, 2011

Preschool Christmas Program

The boys recently performed in their very first Christmas program at their preschool. Oma and Opa W, Oma B, Aunt Melissa, Sam, Stella, and, of course, mommy, all came to cheer them on. Daddy, unfortunately, was on a business trip that day, and Opa B was at physical therapy. A few of us arrived pretty early to get good seats, but we purposely sat a few rows back so that the boys wouldn't be able to see us and get distracted. So, I apologize for these blurry pictures, but as you will see, things started going down hill pretty quickly!

All the 2-year olds stood on the bottom row. Here are the boys (in their blue and white striped sweater) standing next to their buddy Samuel at the beginning of the first song. They started off really well...

They were even swaying to the music...

Look closely at the bottom right corner and you'll see Bryce decided he was tired of standing and sat down on the step. It looks like Ben was just about to do the same...

And, then this happened... (yes, that is Bryce laying on the floor.)

They were pretty much on the floor for the rest of the performance and eventually just turned their backs to the audience to watch the show themselves. They even clapped with the audience after the song ended. Oh, what can I say? Their teacher told me later that they actually did really well at all the rehearsals, but that day, they were simply not in the mood. Oma B said, they're just like their father!

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