Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our First Preschool Open House

Last Thursday, Evan and I attended the boys' first preschool open house. I think the boys were confused to why mom and dad were going to school with them since I've been telling them that mommy and daddy are "too big" to go to school. When we first pulled up into the parking lot, they immediately starting saying, "No school, no school!" and they even started to cry as we were about to enter their classroom. I think they thought we were about to drop them off and leave. But, once we entered the classroom, the boys started to enjoy themselves as they walked around the room and proudly pointed out their artwork on the walls and tables to us. :)

Here they are showing off their adorable caterpillars... these are definitely keepers!

Their dinosaurs...

And, their scarecrows...

This is what we got when we asked Bryce to pose next to his scarecrow... he's so goofy! :)

It was fun talking to Mrs. Kenton and Mrs. Davis and meeting some of the boys' classmates and their parents. And, of course, being that B & B's mom is very chatty, we ended up being one of the last ones to leave. Poor Evan. :)

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