Tuesday, September 27, 2011

From High Chairs to Booster Seats

The time has come...the boys started refusing to sit in their high chairs at meal times and insisting to sit in "mommy and daddy's chairs." So, last week the boys and I took a quick trip to Buy Buy Baby and bought two booster seats. Here they are trying out their new "big boy chairs" for the first time...

My big boys sitting in their "big boy chairs" and eating french toast before preschool...

And, here they were almost two years ago, at just 5 months old, trying out their high chairs for the first time...they're growing way too fast! :(

And, as you can see, Bryce is getting way too comfortable at the dining table now...

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  1. Hi Hedy,

    My name is Maya and I am a twin mom from VA. My boys were more premature and younger than yours so our experience has been slightly different. I enjoyed reading your blog immensely. I discovered it last night and have gone through most of its entries already. My Daniel is just like your Bryce, a real escape artist. We have a blog too. It is hudsontwins.blogspot.com I just wanted to ask you if you could tell me what type of camera you use. Your pictures are incredible. I'm such an amateur compared to you. Are you a professional photographer? Anyway, I would just love to meet you one day. My in laws live in TX so it may not be too far fetched. If you ever visit DC, look me up. Please let me know what kind of camera you use. Thank you.