Thursday, May 26, 2011

22 Months Old

The boys turned 22 months on May 15, and I think this is the first month that I actually forgot...totally forgot until the day after when someone asked me how old they were! I didn't take any pictures on the 15th, but luckily, we took some the day before while we were at the Dallas Arboretum. So, these will be close enough to serve as our 22-month pictures! I think most of you have seen these on Facebook, but I wanted to include them in the blog (for when we convert this blog into a photo book) because the boys were actually looking at the camera!

Here they are already looking so grown up...

And, here they are with daddy...miraculously posing for the camera (i.e. my iPhone)!

They sure know how to chill out...

The boys showing their sweet and gentle side by hugging their monkey backpacks/leashes... right before they threw the monkeys out of the wagon!

Freedom!! This is the reason why I need and love those monkey leashes...

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