Tuesday, March 29, 2011

20 Months Old!

Almost two weeks ago, the boys turned 20 months old! I know this post is pretty late, and I have to confess that these pictures were also taken a little late...the day after they turned 20 months. Getting our two active toddlers to sit still for any amount of time these days is almost impossible, especially getting them to sit at the same time AND close enough to each other to get a picture of them together! To get this 20-month pic, I had to wait until snack time and bribe them with milk! Could they have looked any more bored? :)

Boredom quickly being replaced by silliness...

My babies are really starting to look like little boys! (Yes, I know, they need a haircut!)

Silly Benjamin with milk on his face...

Sweet Bryce...

They're getting so tall! I have a feeling that soon enough, that gate will become useless!

These past few weeks, I've really started noticing the boys playing and communicating with one another (and other kids) a lot more and in a more "toddler" kind of way. One unfortunate example is Benjamin's new hobby of getting on top of his brother and pinning him to the ground! I've already had to rescue poor Bryce a few times.

Bryce has also developed an unfortunate habit of wanting to "trade" everything. Whenever he has something in his hands and he sees his brother has something else, Bryce will immediately hold out the item in his hand and say, "trade!" to Benjamin. If Benjamin doesn't want to trade, he'll just grab the item out of Ben's hands, drop the item that he had in his own hands somewhere close to Ben, and sweetly say, "thank you" then walk away. We're having a hard time trying to break this naughty little habit!

The boys also continue to repeat every word we say, and often sentences with 4+ words. Their verbal skills continue to scare and amaze us everyday! :) Fortunately, they've gotten over their stranger anxiety...so much so that they say "hi" to just about every stranger they see when we're out shopping or eating. And, they'll keep saying "hi" until that person says it back! :)

The boys are also learning how to go up and down the stairs without having to be carried and starting to walk next to us while holding our hand, which I absolutely love to do! I can probably spend hours listing all the ways the boys have grown up these past few weeks, so I'll just end this post by saying how much fun we're having with B & B!

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