Monday, October 4, 2010

Plano Balloon Festival

While Evan was out of town a couple of weeks ago, I decided to take the boys to the Plano Balloon Festival. I didn't dare go by myself, so luckily, Cassandra, Trish, and Laila wanted to go too!

Here we are getting ready to watch the balloon launch on a very steep hill... it was so steep that the boys and I kept sliding towards the bottom of the blankets!

View from our spot...

Laila enjoying her Chick-Fil-A dinner while holding her favorite toy... a plastic salt shaker!

Bryce pointing at the hot air balloons, while Ben was too busy eating gold fish crackers...

The three of us all hot and sweaty!

Benjamin finally watching the balloons...

So pretty!

Laila and Bryce holding hands... I think she was really just trying to keep him away from her dinner!

Awesome Cassandra bought us corny dogs!

Ready to go home!

And take a bath!

One last picture of my tired and sweaty boys :)

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