Saturday, October 9, 2010

14 Months and Walking!

At 14 months, the boys finally started walking!  Yay!!!  They're almost 15 months as of today and are now walking a lot more than crawling.  Here are a few pictures of our big boys walking... and stumbling :)

Bryce actually started walking "longer" distances first...

...while Ben was much more content just relaxing and crawling. :)

But, then, Benjamin decided he didn't want to be outdone by his brother and started doubling the distance that Bryce was walking.  The picture on the left is blurry, but I just love Ben's facial expression!  He looks so proud and excited to be walking.  The picture on the right was taken five days later.  By then he was already walking even more and even better... even while carrying stuff in his hands!

They've also improved their climbing abilities...

We call this Benjamin's "crab crawl"... he started doing this after he started walking.  I guess it's his new half crawl/half walk move when he wants to get somewhere faster than he can walk!

Here's Bryce (left) and Ben (right) five days later getting more and more confident with walking...

Now, they can even maneuver over and around books and other toys that get in their way! :)

...and, even look around while walking :)  They're going to be roller blading, skate boarding, and riding bikes before we know it!

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