Friday, September 3, 2010

Playdate With The Richard Twins

Our friends, Shanan and Allan, are also parents of twins.  So, about two months ago, Shanan and I decided we have to get our kids together for a monthly playdate!  Since our first playdate took place at a mall, we decided the second one should be at our house so the kids can actually crawl around and play together.  Here are some pics from our last playdate at the Berg house!

As soon as they arrived, Olivia crawled straight to the dogs...

While the boys immediately formed their own little group on the opposite side of the room!

Ben giving Philip a look that says, "Oh no you didn't just yank that paci out of my mouth!"

It was nearly impossible to get four crawling babies in one picture... unfortunately, this blurry picture was the best I got!

Philip poses for the camera while his sister licks the soccer ball :)

Bryce, our Luv Bug, giving Olivia a little hug...

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