Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Fun Sunday Afternoon

Last weekend, Evan and I had a fun Sunday afternoon with the boys.  The day started with Benjamin getting some alone time with mom and dad when he woke up about half an hour before his brother.  Looks like he and dad were still a little sleepy...

There's that heart-melting smile!

Making silly faces while trying to crawl off the bed...

After lunch, we met their buddy Sam and Sam's parents, Melissa and Justin, for some ice cream... notice the parents are the only ones looking at the camera!

Beautiful family!

As you can see, Benjamin has discovered his nostrils... now we can't keep his fingers out of them!

There's no money in momma's purse, Ben...

After ice cream, we went shopping for some clothes for dad and ended up finding the coolest toys for the boys... the talking Super Why dolls (the super hero from their favorite cartoon)!  There was only one left at that store; so, of course, we had to go to another location to find a second doll! :) 

That afternoon, in the middle of all our errands, Evan turned the boys' carseats around... so now, our big boys are facing forward!  We couldn't tell if they were happy though because by then, they were so sleepy and worn out from the shopping and the 100+ degree weather. :(

As soon as we got home, the boys watched Super Why with their Super Why dolls!

They were still hot from our outing, so here they are enjoying being shirtless and fighting over the same doll even though there's another one laying right next to them... so much for running around town to find that second doll!

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