Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What We Did On The Boys' Actual Birthday

Since the boys' 1st birthday fell on a Thursday, we scheduled their party for the following Saturday.  But, of course, we still had to celebrate on their actual birthday!  Here are a bunch of pictures from our boys' first official birthday...

A few days before their birthday, gifts started arriving in the mail from out-of-town family and friends.  We waited to open them with the boys on the morning of their birthday.  Here they are checking out their new books...

Looks like Ben is saying, "Listen, listen!  This is the best part of the book!"

Ben was so excited to see what's in the box that poor Bryce ended up with an elbow in his eye!

"Oooh, that looks pretty cool.  What does it do?"

"You hold on to that while I read this book real quick."

"Better yet, daddy can read it to us..."

"Please, daddy, read us this book!"

"Oooh, we like this story!"

"So much to play with, so little time!  So, I'll read with my left hand and check out this other thing with my right!"

"Mom, have you been taking pictures this whole time?  But, we're still in our pjs!"

"Mommy always said, we should read the card BEFORE we open the present!"

"Dad, are you sure there's nothing else in that box?"

"This is fun!  Who is this from?"

"Yay!  Daddy is finally opening that one!"

"Check out all the pieces, Bryce!"

"You can have those, I'll take the big piece!"

"Daddy, will you show us how this works?"

"Ohhhh, that's easy!"

"Hey, dad, why don't you read us a book while we play with our new toy?"

I think the boys really enjoyed opening their gifts!  After we cleaned up and took naps, we headed out for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Chuy's!

We were joined by both Omas and Opas, and Grant and Gabrielle!

"Really?!  It's my birthday and I can order ANYTHING I want?"

The boys brought along their new toy cars, but since Bryce kept dropping his on the floor, we had to strap it to Grant's wrist...

"You still haven't decided what you want, dad?"

"Finally, let's order!"

We had the BEST waiter serving our table!  After lunch, he came out and surprised the kids with orange push-ups.  This was the boys' first official popsicle experience, and they were in heaven!  Ben was even trying to push the stick himself to get more ice cream out...

I think Bryce was too excited to hold his popsicle...

After lunch, we went next door to Party City to get stuff for their birthday party...

The boys tried on a couple of different birthday hats...

"Hmmmm, we're not sure about this one, mom..."

After shopping, we headed home and the boys took another nap.  What a life!  Then, later on that evening, they wanted to play with their new toy cars...

"Maybe if I lick the wheels, they'll go faster!"

"Vroom Vroom"

"Take a picture of me, mom!"

"Hey, I'll trade you this one for that one..."

"Cartoon break..."

Bryce's new favorite pastime... throwing toys over safety gates!  Notice his toy car in mid air... busted!

"Hey, I want it back!"

We had a wonderful first birthday with the boys!  Birthday party pics coming soon...

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