Monday, July 26, 2010

The Three Amigos

About once a week, my friend Melissa and I try to get together so we can get out of the house, have some adult conversation (about our boys), and let the boys play together!  Often, we meet at a nearby mall to walk around, grab a snack and enjoy a little window shopping (since neither of us are making any money!).  But, last week, while I was stuck in the house waiting for a repair man, Melissa brought Sam over to give the boys a break from their strollers and roll around on the ground...

Can you tell which child is the obedient one?  Not mine!

Poor Melissa had to nearly do a song and dance to get all three to look up at the same time!

Oh, Sam is so kissably adorable!

Sam and his beautiful mommy...

"Hey, kid, you know I'm five months older than you, right?!"

"Seriously, mom, I'm too old for this..."

Unlike my boys at 7 months, Sam is already determined to start crawling...

The three amigos!  Before you know it, these three little monkeys will start having sleepovers!

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