Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Boys' First Birthday Cake(s)

I couldn't help but to dedicate a whole blog post to the boys' adorable first birthday cake created by my super talented friend Janet Mayer of!  I wanted to tie in "B&B" from the boys' birth announcement with their monthly monkey photos.  So, I contacted Janet and described my ideas to her and asked if that would be doable.  She said, "Absolutely - anything is doable!"  And, boy, did she deliver!  Not only did the cakes look amazing, but they were delicious!

Here is an aerial view of the cakes with 12 sock monkeys to celebrate the boys' 12-month birthday... I had so much fun arranging the monkeys!!!  Thanks, Janet, for letting me do that!

The first "B" was made of chocolate cake, the "&" was strawberry, and the second "B" was banana!  All three were super delicious!

Here are closeups of the adorable sock monkeys...

And, here are the boys' individual cakes...

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  1. Those are adorable! She is so darn talented! What a fun memory!