Saturday, June 19, 2010

Less Than One Month Away From Turning One!

I can't believe our boys are just a few weeks away from turning one!  I'm writing this post four days late because we had some "difficulties" with this month's monkey photo shoot... as I will explain later.  But, before we get into that, here is the list of our latest accomplishments:

-The boys can now stand up with very little effort... especially Bryce who has started standing in his crib and gnawing on the crib rails!

-Bryce grew 3 more teeth (which makes a total of 7), and Benjamin grew 1 more (which makes a total of 8).

-They're eating less pureed foods and more table foods like mac 'n cheese.

-They've discovered the greatness of goldfish crackers and Cheerios!

-They're constantly pointing to people and things around them.  They've learned to point to things they want, like more goldfish crackers!

-They've also started waving to people a little bit.

-And, I know this sounds bad, but they've learned how to fetch a ball.  It's one of their favorite games now!  :)

So now back to the monthly monkey photo issue.  I discovered while attempting to shoot our 11-month photo that I couldn't do it without a "lifeguard" (their dad) very close by to catch our very active and fast babies from falling off the couch!  Even my very fast camera was not fast enough to capture a proper 11-month picture... can you even find the 11 monkeys in these pictures?

Lifeguard to the rescue...

Oh my... is Bryce trying to tell us something with that finger?

Crazy but oh so cute!

Looks like Ben is trying to find another way off that couch...

How useful... an 11-month picture of their backs!  (Notice our lifeguard getting nervous.)

I think it was time to give up...

This is how our 11 monkeys looked before we sat the boys down.  Perhaps I should just super impose the boys into this picture!

I better start thinking of a new idea for our 12-month/1-year photo that does NOT include 12 monkeys.

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  1. Ah! I just love your twins! They are so adorable! Happy birthday boys!