Monday, April 12, 2010

Storytime at the Library

Last Thursday, the boys went to storytime at the Schimelpfenig Library in Plano for the first time.  This is the library that I grew up going to and the same storytime that their cousins Claire and William went to before they started going to school.  The boys had a good time and I'm pretty sure they had the biggest support group out of any other baby there... not only was mommy there, but so were Oma W, Oma B, and Opa B!  In the history of storytime at the Schimelpfenig Library, I wonder how many other kids have had their mom and three grandparents join them?  Probably none.

Here they are with Oma W waiting for storytime to begin...

Still waiting...

Front row seats!

Bryce with his Opa enjoying the peek-a-boo song...

At the end, the boys got to play with bubbles for the first time.  Benjamin made us laugh because he kept closing his eyes everytime a bubble got too close to his face.  He must have thought they were plastic toy balls that were about to hit his face!

Afterwards, we went to eat at Oma W's house, which is just minutes from the library.  Soon after they ate, the boys conked out!  We're looking forward to storytime again this coming Thursday!

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  1. I surely wouldn't want to come between a GREAT nap for the boys and a tired mom after storytime. Quiet sleeping twins...PRICELESS!