Monday, April 12, 2010

Sippy Cup Success

This past week the boys experienced the "first" of many things... first time to successfully drink out of a sippy cup, first time to hold their own bottles, first time to go to story time at the library, first time to sit in their new convertible car seats, and the first time to play with another set of twins!  We've had a busy week and lots of pictures to post!

In this post, we'll start with our sippy cup success... exactly one week and one day ago, the boys figured out how to drink out of their sippy cups!  For weeks, they've been drinking water out of a sippy cup that doesn't require any sucking to get the liquid out.  That was too easy and too messy, so we finally upgraded to the spill proof sippy cups.  After about a week of just biting on the spout, the boys coincidentally figured out how to drink out of their cups just minutes apart.

Big brother Bryce figured it out first...

Meanwhile, Benjamin was still a little confused... but with a little help from mom, he too got a big sip of water.  Good job boys!

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  1. Hi - Our Department of Public Health Dental program is working on sharing the importance of preventing tooth decay by offering water in sippy cups when children are sitting in car seats or strollers, so they don't soak their teeth in juice or milk for a long period of time. We found the photo of your boy drinking water and love it's healthy image. Can you possibly give us permission to use this photo in a poster to promote good oral health?
    Please reply to THANKS