Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yikes! 8 Months Already!

Oh goodness, the months are flying by way too fast now!  The boys turned 8 months old yesterday, but it seems like it was only a few days ago that they reached 7 months.  I complained that the first 6 months felt more like 6 years, but now I want things to slow down!  My boys no longer look like little babies, but more like little toddlers. :(  So sad.

But, I must say, we had a great month of exciting milestones!

- First of all, you may have read from a previous post that Ben got his first tooth shortly after he turned 7 months.  And, now I'm happy to report that Bryce also got his first tooth (this past weekend), and it looks like a second one is just about to break through the skin!

- You may also have read from a previous post that both boys got RSV for the first time (and hopefully the last).

- The boys are really trying to talk.  Bryce usually says "dada," while Ben mostly says "mama," and both frequently say "baba."  This surprises us because Bryce is a big time mama's boy.

- The boys are also really trying to move around now.  While sitting on the floor, they've learned how to scoot their bottoms across the floor to get from point A to point B.  And, Bryce will not lay still on his back anymore.  As soon as you lay him on his back, he rolls over onto his stomach and tries to move forward by pushing his feet against the floor.  By doing that, he's only managed to push his little butt up in the air, but we think they're both really close to crawling.

Here are their 8-month pics with their 8 monkeys...

Bryce chilling with his buddies...

Ben hamming it up for the camera, as usual...

Coincidentally, we had visitors that day!  My sweet friend Kristen came over with her beautiful girls, Macy and Evie.  As you can see, Macy took a liking to Ben... and I think the feeling was mutual. :) 

However, Evie and Bryce were a little more shy about PDA.

Macy came up with the idea to do a goofy picture.  Silly Ben joined right in, but I don't think Bryce was in the mood!

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