Sunday, March 28, 2010

More and More Teeth

The teeth are coming in fast!  I did a blog post when Ben got his first tooth right after he turned 7 months, so now it's Bryce's turn.  Bryce decided he couldn't be outdone, so about three weeks after Ben got his first tooth, Bryce popped out two at the same time!

But wait... the competition continues!  A couple of weeks after Bryce showed off his two, Ben grew another tooth, then another, and yet another.  Yes, at 8 months old, he now has four teeth... three on the bottom and one on top.  Oddly, the second tooth did not come in right next to the first one.  It skipped a space!  So he looked like an old man losing teeth rather than a baby growing new teeth!  Luckily the third tooth came in shortly after and is now filling the gap between the first two.  The fourth tooth is on top towards the right side of his mouth.  I thought babies' front center teeth usually come in first.  I guess this just confirms that our boys are extra special.  :)

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  1. LOVE them! too cute! and Lyla only has one on the bottom still, sigh.