Monday, March 8, 2010

Gift From Australia

A few weeks ago, the boys received a package all the way from Sydney, Australia from our dear friends Jilly and Andy.  Inside were these adorable little canvas bags each holding a stuffed toy and little onesie with matching hat.  After much thought, we decided Bryce should have the koala bear since he's our quite and calmer child, while Benjamin should have the kangaroo since he's the loud and spaztic child.

Oh my goodness, can they be any cuter? :)  But, I have a feeling, they're not going to be happy with this picture one day.

Ben looking at his brother and probably thinking, "What is that on your head?"

Ben whispering to Bryce, "Just play along. We'll get her back for this one day."

We almost forgot the stuffed animals!

This one made me laugh hysterically!

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