Saturday, March 27, 2010

First Family Vacation

Last weekend the Bergs spent four fabulous nights in Charleston, SC for our very first family vacation!  The thing I dreaded the most was packing for two 8-month old babies.  You don't realize how much stuff they use until you have to pack it all!  Luckily, oma and opa came along and helped us tremendously.  Overall, everything went pretty smoothly, and we had a wonderful time, took lots of pictures and created everlasting memories to share with the boys one day.

Here we are checking in for our flight at the crack of dawn (the joys of flying standby).  I feel guilty that the boys' first flight wasn't on Southwest!

Our lucky boys both got window seats.  Luckily there was enough room on the way there for the boys to sit in their car seats rather than on our laps, which, unfortunately, they had to do on our way back.

With all the toys we brought to keep them entertained, their favorite ended up being the plastic cups from our drinks.

When we finally landed in Charleston, we fed the boys at the airport while dad collected our gazillion checked bags, cooler stocked with 5 days worth of homemade baby food, and our double stroller.  Then, we jumped into our rental minivan (which seems to be the only vehicle that can fit the Bergs these days), and headed straight to the place we'd call home for the next few days.  Here we are taking a scenic walk of the beautiful resort shortly after checking in.

We stayed at the Wild Dunes Resort on the Isle of Palms.  It was absolutely gorgeous!

Quick family picture by the pool before heading to the beach...

The boys' first steps in the ocean... it was pretty cold so they didn't enjoy it very much.

First family pic on the beach...

Mommy trying to block the wind from Bryce...

I love this picture of Ben with his opa...

The Bergs...

Bryce looking out at the ocean with a smile on his face...

Pappa Bear, Momma Bear, and Baby Bears... one day, Baby Bears' shoes will be much bigger than Momma's!  Maybe I should take a picture of our shoes on each trip to watch the growth in progress :)

Dinner time in our makeshift high chairs...

The next day we took the boys on their first boat cruise...  Bryce was so enthralled by the water and all the boats behind us and refused to look at the camera.

All three of my boys with their protective hats (you can see Bryce with his in the background).

Mommy with Ben... he yanked off his hat pretty quickly.

After the boat cruise, we stopped at a cool little barbeque restaurant for lunch.  The food was delicious!

Unfortunately, we got rain on the third day.  But, we happily spent the afternoon at the South Carolina Aquarium.

On day four, we had lunch at a seafood restaurant by the water and watched dolphins swim by while we ate!  (I just realized I forgot to take a picture that day.)  We then headed back to the resort to relax and start packing for a very early flight the next day. 

I think the boys were really happy about their first trip...

Next trip for the boys... New York in April!  Woohoo!

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