Monday, January 18, 2010

We're 6 Months Old!

This past Friday, the boys turned 6 months old!  I've been waiting for this day because it feels like at 6 months the babies are so much stronger, and they are now old enough to take certain medications and to receive the H1N1 and flu vaccines... which is exactly what we did today at their 6 month checkup.  Such a relief to be able to take the boys out into big crowds without having that fear now. 

At today's checkup, we found out that Bryce weighs 16lbs 9oz & measures 25 5/8" and Benjamin weighs 16lbs 15oz & measures 26 1/4".  (Two months ago, Bryce weighed 13lbs 8oz & measured 23 3/4" and Benjamin weighed 14lbs 4oz & measured 24 1/4".)  We also found out that their heads are quite big... Bryce's falling in the 75% and Ben's in the 85%!  Evan also pointed out that our 6 month babies are almost half my height now.  Thanks, Evan.

This past month has been the most fun so far!  The boys are changing and learning so fast now.  It seems like they're learning or doing something new everyday.  Some changes since last month include...

-They're now eating solid foods!  We've decided to make our own baby food, and so far we've given them carrots, green beans, yellow squash, apple sauce, sweet potatoes, avocados, and peas... and they love it all!  Bryce took a few days to start enjoying the solids, but Ben was hooked from the first lick.  Now they both open their mouths even before swallowing the previous spoonful.  We've been slowly introducing them to a new food about every 3 to 5 days and only selecting fruits and veggies, but we were given the okay by our pediatrician today to give them something new everyday and even including meats.  Evan would like to celebrate this milestone by giving them filet!

-They reach their arms out for us and for things, like their bottle and toys, now.

-They're growing out of their 6 month clothes and fitting into 9 month.

-They can sit up with little support from us.

-Bryce learned how to roll from his back to his stomach.  He did that for about a week, but now he doesn't do it anymore.

-Benjamin has decided that screaming (or maybe I should say "squealing very loud") is fun.  He now screams for just about any reason -- when he's happy, mad, excited, sleepy, etc.  It's pretty funny and often we can't help but to laugh, which makes him scream even louder.  But, now, we're really trying to hold in our laughter so we don't encourage this bad habit of his.

-A little over a week ago, they officially started a new daily routine which includes 2 naps.  Thank goodness because up until now, they were really bad about napping.  Unfortunately, the only way I can get them to take a long nap is for me to lay down with them... so now, mommy gets a daily nap wedged between two cuddly babies! :)  I must admit, it's the best feeling in the world... the nap AND laying between the babies that is.

Without further adieu, here are our 6 month pictures... as you can see, we have a BIG new addition to the monkey crew! 

6 monkeys = 6 months

I think they were a little spooked by the triplets...

Benjamin always has the biggest smiles!

Bryce always has the sweetest expressions.

Sometimes I get a little carried away with the camera, and the boys never fail to tell me (in their own special ways) when they've had enough...

Picture with Oma...

After pictures, the boys were ready to play... they are really starting to interact with each other.  So fun to watch!

This one was taken right after the boys woke up that morning...

Here are our little angels at only 6 days old!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Tar Heel PJs

As many of you know, Evan graduated from UNC and his family are huge Tar Heel fans... except for his brother-in-law, Tim, who is a huge rivaling Duke fan!  So, it made these adorable Tar Heels pajamas even more special since it came from Tim's Duke-loving mom and aunt!  Thank you, Mary Stewart and Edith!

I was so shocked and excited when Bryce all of a sudden sat up on his own for the first time right as I was taking this picture!  My boys are growing so fast!

Then, he continued to pose for the camera :)

My poor little Benjamin wasn't feeling well that day... I'm such a bad mom for making him sit through yet another photo shoot.

My sweet boys :)

Lots of New Toys!

The boys received alot of toys this Christmas... making their playroom much more colorful than before!

My three boys enjoying some of the new toys...

At only 5 months, they boys are already fighting over things... one always prefers the toy the other one is playing with.  Here is Benjamin reaching for the toy infront of Bryce even though he has a perfectly nice little piano on his lap.

Bryce looks like he's saying, "See, mom, I'm the good child."  Goodness, don't you just want to pinch those cheeks?

That look Benjamin is giving his dad is priceless... I wonder what he's thinking!

Usually, Benjamin is the one with the mischievous grins, but it looks like Bryce is catching on...