Sunday, December 27, 2009

A White First Christmas!

I can't believe we got snow on the boys' first Christmas!  The news reported that the last time Dallas had a white Christmas was in 1926.  The boys must have brought us good luck! :)  Since this was their first Christmas, Evan and I wanted to celebrate at our house with our families.

Evan and I started the morning with some pictures of the boys by the Christmas tree...

Then the boys opened their presents.  Evan and I had a debate whether or not we should wrap their presents.  I was the humbug who thought it wasn't necessary since they're so little, and since I'm the one who always does the gift wrapping, I won!  The presents that they received from everyone else were wrapped, so they got to experience some paper ripping anyway!

It's so fun to see them becoming so interactive...

Playing with all the new toys!

We then bundled up the boys so they can play in snow for the first time.  Here are our little reindeers with their sleighs (a.k.a. Bumbos).

Oma and Opa W later showed up and wanted a picture with their little Santas...

My three Santas... what more can I ask for?

Can you tell how much Benjamin loves books?

An exhausted Bryce with his Opa...

I have a feeling we will not be seeing the boys napping next Christmas!

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