Tuesday, December 15, 2009

5 Months Today!

Our boys are 5 months old today!  We will not have another doctor checkup until they turn 6 months, so we're not sure how much they've grown since last month.  I can definitely tell they've grown though because some of their 6-month clothes that used to fit perfectly are now starting to feel a little snug!

A few other changes since last month...

-They often turn to look at us when we call their names.
-They're going through a phase where they only want mommy to feed and put them to bed at night.  Evan and I are working hard to break them of this!
-They'll spit bubbles on command. :)
-They're starting to play with their toys.
-We tried to add rice cereal to their bottles, but their stomachs did not react well at all.  So, we stopped after a couple of days.  We'll start with vegetables and fruits within the next couple of weeks.
-They can support their heads very well now, which makes carrying them around so much easier.  We can't wait until they can hold their own bottles!
-They're starting to get bored quickly, especially when laying on their backs.  They're happiest when we hold them in a sitting or standing position.
-They still can't roll over and HATE tummy time, so maybe they'll just skip crawling and go straight to walking!

That's all I can think of for now, so here are their 5 month photos.  We started the morning with our traditional monkey picture...

5 monkeys = 5 months

Before leaving the house, I decided to take another quick picture... can Bryce (left) look any more bored?  And, don't you just love their mohawks? :)

As many times as I've made them pose with their stuffed monkeys, I think they think the monkeys are their real friends!

Can you tell which one of our boys is the more "temperamental" one?

Here they are at only 5 days old.  I can't believe how tiny they were.

I wish they would still sleep close together like this... I loved watching them sleep face to face.

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  1. Hedy,
    Your boys are adorable. I've really enjoyed reading your site and seeing all the pictures. I know you are having the time of your life caring for your little 'monkeys' and all their monkey friends.
    Here is wishing you some good nap times, easy mornings and soon not so messy meals when they begin spitting more than bubbles at feeding time!
    Enjoy every moment, it goes by way too fast.