Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Boys' First Thanksgiving

The boys enjoying the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade...


"Did you see that, Bryce? Did you see that?!"

"Is that supposed to be a frog?"

"I think I have something in my eye...can you stop looking at the tv and help me please?!"

Happy Thanksgiving, boys! We can't wait to take you guys to New York one day to see the parade in person!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First of Many Books

This evening, daddy read Benjamin a book for the very first time...the first of many, I'm sure!  Unfortunately, Bryce was taking an evening nap.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Can't Believe They're 4 Months Old Today!

11/16/09 Update: Saw the pediatrician today!  Bryce now weighs 13lbs 8oz & measures 23 3/4" and Benjamin weighs 14lbs 4oz & measures 24 1/4".  (Two months ago, Bryce weighed 9lbs 9oz & measured 21 7/8" and Benjamin weighed 11lbs & measured 22 5/8")


My boys are getting so big!  Tomorrow we have our 4-month checkup and we'll find out how much they weigh, but we think they're at about 13 lbs now.  We're at a point where each day they seem to be learning something new.  They are so alert of their surroundings now, and it's so fun to watch their eyes follow everything they see or hear.

At four months, the boys:
-are just about to roll over...they still get stuck on their sides.
-started wearing size 2 diapers this week!
-are wearing mostly size 6 clothing.
-can laugh out loud (the best sound in the world!)...and sometimes, I still catch Bryce laughing in his sleep.
-drink 6 3/4 ounces every 3 hours during the day...a couple of times, they've drunk 8 to 9 ounces!
-are constantly sticking their fists (and anything they can grab a hold of) into their mouths and drooling all over it.
-are constantly blowing and spitting bubbles...they think it's funny. (The other day at about 5am, I woke up to sounds coming from the baby monitor of Benjamin blowing bubbles in his crib.  He was simply entertaining himself until it was time to eat.)
-are starting to be able to grab and hold things, like a rattle, and shake it.
-are noticeably growing more hair...especially Ben!
-constantly babble and mumble...sometimes to each other.  (I guess this is their special secret language.)
-are showing jealousy by crying...particularly, when one sees the other being held or carried around while he himself is not.
-can scream SO loud!

That's all I can think of right now, so here is their 4 month picture...

4 monkeys = 4 months

4 days old...

3 monkeys = 3 months

2 months...

1 month...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First Halloween

We spent the twins' first Halloween at the Dallas Arboretum with two close friends of mine from college and their husbands and babies.  The three of us (Trisha, Misha, and I) all got married within months of each other and then also had our babies within months of each other shortly after.

Evan and I decided against buying real costumes for the boys because we knew the weather was going to be pretty warm and they would probably end up wearing them only long enough for me to take a few pictures.  So, instead, the boys wore Halloween onesies that their Oma gave them, and I think they looked mighty adorable!

We had to feed the boys as soon as we got to the Arboretum, and here they are with full tummies...

Benjamin has the saddest little pout...

My child actually looks Asian here!

Happy Bryce with his favorite stick-out-the-tongue smile...

Unfortunately, they both think spitting bubbles is a funny game now...

We finally stopped to get an official Halloween picture of the boys.  Here they are being propped up on a couple of was not working so well.

They were not in the mood...

Finally got them to look up...

But not for long...

Finally, a complete family picture, but neither boys looked too happy...

Misha's daughter, Jordyn, was so curious of the boys and kept trying to touch them :)

Another future buddy to play with, Ms. Laila Simone...

My men...

Our wonderful husbands walking ahead of us...or should I say Three Men, Two Strollers, that a purse Nathan is carrying?

Rolling Over

I caught Benjamin trying to roll over earlier this evening!  I guess this means the days of the boys "staying wherever I lay them down" is about to come to an end.  I can already see my determined little Ben rolling from one room to another before he learns how to crawl.

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Dogs' Lack of Interest

Many people have asked us how our dogs are doing since the twins' arrival ... here is a picture that I just found (from when the twins were only a week old) that shows the most interest Sam has ever shown towards his baby brothers!