Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Boys Turned 3 Months Old Today!

It's 11pm and I want to get this post out before midnight since today is the boys' 3 month birthday, so I better type fast.  I can't believe my little guys are now three months old.  The first two months felt more like two years (because of the multiple late night feedings!), but the third month flew by so fast (we are down to one late night feeding per child)!  What a difference sleep makes! 

At three months, the boys:
-sleep 7 to 11 hours through the night
-are smiling ALOT :)
-have excelled the "death grip" on my hair
-know how to hit and spin the hanging animals on their vibrating chair's mobile
-are starting to hold their heads up when laying on our chest
-are trying to roll over (or at least it looks like it)
-sure know what a bottle looks like and what it means!
-drink up to 6 ounces per feeding
-stare at our mouths when they see us eating (and start moving their own mouths!)
-are starting to giggle
-have discovered their tongue and creating lots of bubbles and drool with it
-love looking at themselves in the mirror
-are finally starting to enjoy their swing
-love to stare at the TV
-enjoy baths
-are now wearing size 1-2 diapers

I know there must be more, but I'm getting too sleepy to think.  So, here is their 3 month pic...

3 monkeys = 3 months...They were not in the mood for pictures today!

2 months old...

1 month old...

Few hours old...notice how big that tiny dot band aid looks on Bryce's hand (well, at least I think that one is Bryce).

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