Friday, September 25, 2009

Paul Frank Monkey

The theme of the twins' nursery is monkeys, so we've received a lot of monkey stuff as gifts from our wonderful friends and relatives.  One of my favorites is this pair of Paul Frank onesies which I've been waiting anxiously for the boys to fit into.  I thought it would be awhile, but the boys are growing so fast, and at two months, they're already wearing size 3 to 6 months.  Here are the boys sporting the adorable Paul Frank Monkey...which I recently discovered are now sold at Target!  The clothing line is cleverly called "Small Paul".  How cute is that?

Incase you ever wonder which is Bryce and which is Benjamin...when they're on this leather chair, I always put Bryce on the left.  It's a habit that Evan and I picked up from our hospital days.  To avoid confusion, the nurses always put Bryce on the left in that infamous plastic box all the newborns sleep in.

It's becoming harder to tell the the boys apart now that Bryce is catching up to Benjamin in weight.

They look like they're posing in a photo booth!

The many faces of Benjamin...


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