Saturday, September 12, 2009

Interview With Cousin Claire

What's your name?

How old are you?
5 1/2

How old is Bryce and Benjamin now?

How many months were they in Aunt Hedy's tummy?
How many months is that?

What are you going to teach them when they grow up?
how to sing and learn their numbers and ABCs

When Bryce starts to talk, what do you think his first word will be?
What about Ben?

How old do you think they will be when they start walking?
3 or 1...or 2

Where should we take them for their first vacation?
That's a hard one!  Something where they're not scared.  Not the beach because they're going to get scared of the waves.  Some of them are going to be too big. 
Okay, so where do you think we should go?
Sea World!

What do you think Bryce will be when he grows up?
How about Ben?

If Bryce didn't have a name, what would you name him?
What about Benjamin?
You would name them both Bryce? 
Benjamin actually

What do you like about your cousins?
they're cuties

What do you not like about your cousins?
they cry alot

What do you like about having boy cousins?
hmmmm, they're cuties

I think that's it.  Thank you very much, Claire.
I think I'm now kind of hungry.

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