Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy 2-month Birthday!

The boys turned 2 months old today! They say time goes by so fast when it comes to your children, but, I have to admit, these first two months have felt more like 20. Like I told a friend of mine, maybe it's because we've been awake 20+ hours each day! Can't complain too much though because every time we look at or cuddle with our chunky monkeys, our hearts just melt away and sleep is not so important anymore.

2 monkeys = 2 months ... I think they were both a little spooked out.

I got 2 seconds of calmness...just long enough to get this picture.

1 monkey = 1 month

3 monkeys coming soon...


  1. Yes :). I try to always put Bryce on the left and Ben on the right in pictures and in their crib!

  2. Happy Birthday Berg twins! You guys are getting so big and look so healthy! And I love your sock monkeys! I look forward to many more pictures!