Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Escape Artist

Last night when I reached over to pick up Bryce for his midnight feeding, this is how I found him...

(Yes, this picture was taken with the iPhone again!  But, to give the phone more credit, it was taken in the dark then brightened with PhotoShop.)

Bryce, our little escape artist, only managed to wiggle half-way out of his swaddle and ended up looking like he had a turban around his body.  My mom (who stayed the night to help me with the babies while Evan was out of town) and I laughed hysterically!  We probably should've been more concerned about suffocation, but he looked so funny, we couldn't help ourselves.  I was told by our pediatrician that once babies start escaping out of their swaddles, that's a sign they don't want and don't need to be swaddled anymore.  But, without it, I can't get either one of them to fall asleep.  Any advice from my fellow mothers and fathers out there?

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