Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Birth Announcements

Two months after the day they were born, I finally mailed out the boys' birth announcements.  Is that considered late?  These poor kiddos were so sleepy when Evan and I took them outside to do a quick photo shoot in our backyard before the temperature got too hot.  But, I guess it was a good thing they were tired that morning because it made for some very cooperative babies.

They woke up for just a second.  It looks like they're looking at each other and saying, "Is this ever going to end so we can go back to bed?"

The picture at the very top of this blog was also taken that same morning.  Bryce was knocked out again, but Benjamin held on for just a little bit longer...

Oops, there goes Benjamin again.  I think Bryce was trying to tell us he's awake but just doesn't have the energy to open his eyes.

I love it when Ben stares at his brother's face.  He does this almost every time we lay them close to each other.  He started doing this from the very beginning...even before we left the hospital.

Those arms are the reason why we can't have them sleep close to each other anymore!  At around 7 weeks they started breaking out of their swaddle blankets regularly and end up smacking each other awake.

See those little red spots between Benjamin's eyebrows?  Before I was able to tell them apart, this was my saving grace!

Okay, okay, we got the point.  Photo shoot over.

The "test shot"  :)


  1. Hedy they are gorgeous!! I can't get over how big they are! Looks like you are adjusting to motherhood just fine. Good for you. Hope you are catching up on your sleep now. Remember... when they sleep you sleep! Hugs

  2. What beautiful little boys! When we got your announcement, we were so excited to see that you guys had a blog. I love keeping updated on your sweet little men. I can't wait to meet them, when they decide to make their first trip to Southwest.

    Hope you're doing well! We miss you around here.