Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1 Week Old

Written on September 15, 2010:
I was going through old pictures on my computer today and realized there are so many photos of the boys' first few months that never got posted on this blog... probably due to our lack of time and sleep back then!  So, my goal is to post these "forgotten" pictures and manually set the post date to match the date these pictures were taken... just so they'll appear in the correct chronological order when we have this blog printed into a book for the boys.

Here are the first few of our "forgotten" pictures taken on the boys' 7th day... I think this first one is of Bryce with Oma Berg.  What a tiny little angel!  I just noticed his hospital name badge is still around his wrist... I was too scared to remove it because I couldn't tell them apart yet.

They always slept so close to one another...

So perfect... except for the name written in permanent marker across the cap (done out of fear and desperation)!

Look at Ben's chubby cheeks?  How was I not able to tell them apart?  It seems so obvious now!

Oh oh, I spoke too soon!  I'm guessing this is Benjamin with his sleep deprived momma.

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