Sunday, December 27, 2009

First Taste of Real Food

Today, we started the boys on their first solid food... carrots!  Here's how it went... (Ben is in the blue bib and Bryce is in the white.)

We started out by letting them feel the food with their fingers.

Here is Ben's reaction to the first taste...

Bryce's reaction was a little more subdued...

Then Ben decided it wasn't so bad after all...

Actually, it's pretty good!

Bryce still wasn't too sure...

Ben was very happy!

Still not sure...

Ben tried to grab the spoon out of Evan's hand...

And, wouldn't let go!

We gave the boys carrots twice today, and Benjamin definitely enjoyed it ALOT more.  I think we even gave him too much at the second feeding because he kept asking for more, and momma couldn't say no.  Bryce didn't eat nearly as much, but I think it's because his stomach has been bothering him lately.  We have yet to see a dirty diaper from Ben, so we're kind of scared of what we'll find tomorrow morning or maybe even later tonight!

Testing Out Their New High Chairs

The day after Christmas we started preparations to start the boys on solid foods by setting up their new high chairs at the dining table.  Here they are testing out their new big boy chairs... as you can see from their faces, they were still exhausted from Christmas!

I think they're trying to tell us they're ready to eat...

When the boys went to bed that night, Evan and I prepared our first batch of baby food... sweet carrots.  Yummy, yummy!

A White First Christmas!

I can't believe we got snow on the boys' first Christmas!  The news reported that the last time Dallas had a white Christmas was in 1926.  The boys must have brought us good luck! :)  Since this was their first Christmas, Evan and I wanted to celebrate at our house with our families.

Evan and I started the morning with some pictures of the boys by the Christmas tree...

Then the boys opened their presents.  Evan and I had a debate whether or not we should wrap their presents.  I was the humbug who thought it wasn't necessary since they're so little, and since I'm the one who always does the gift wrapping, I won!  The presents that they received from everyone else were wrapped, so they got to experience some paper ripping anyway!

It's so fun to see them becoming so interactive...

Playing with all the new toys!

We then bundled up the boys so they can play in snow for the first time.  Here are our little reindeers with their sleighs (a.k.a. Bumbos).

Oma and Opa W later showed up and wanted a picture with their little Santas...

My three Santas... what more can I ask for?

Can you tell how much Benjamin loves books?

An exhausted Bryce with his Opa...

I have a feeling we will not be seeing the boys napping next Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

First Sporting Event

Last weekend, we took the boys to their first sporting event (planned by dad even before the boys were born!)... a basketball game between the Carolina Tarheels and Texas Longhorns at the new stadium. They were so fascinated by the humongous tv screen that hung above the court, especially Benjamin. He must have stared at that screen for at least the first half hour we were there. Overall, our future little Tarheels did so well at their first game! They didn't get too fussy until the last 5 minutes. Not bad for being only 5 months old! Here are a few pictures that Oma and Aunt Beth took of the boys...

Bryce sitting on daddy's lap while Benjamin sat on Uncle Eric's...

Oma bought the boys these shirts especially for the game...

Sweet Bryce...

Benjamin eating while watching the game...

Bryce taking a little nap...

Baby K'Tans kept our sleepy boys warm and cozy on the long cold walk back to the car!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Cousin William's Birthday Party

On December 12, the boys attended their second birthday party.  (Just the week before, we took them to their first party for Jordyn's 1-year birthday, but I made the mistake of waiting too long to take out my camera.  By the time I was ready to take pictures, the boys were ready for BED!)  Below are some pictures from cousin William's 4-year birthday party at Main Event.  The theme was "super heroes" and all guests were instructed to wear t-shirts showing their favorite super hero.  Our favorite super hero was William himself dressed as Batman from this year's Halloween!  :)  Happy Birthday, Big Guy!

My sister took this picture of us with goofy Benjamin in mid yawn...

The boys are constantly gnawing on their fingers and drooling everywhere!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Rolling Over

Bryce rolled over (from his back to his stomach) for the first time today!  I layed the boys down (on their backs) on their tummy time mats this morning so that I could do some quick cleaning.  After only a few minutes, I heard a strange cry coming from the boys, so I went to check on them and found Bryce stuck on his stomach...with legs and arms flailing while unsuccessfully trying to flip back over.  I flipped him back over and performed a motherly cheer for my little guy!  He gave me a big smile and within seconds was back on his side trying to roll over again!  I'm so proud of him!  I guess this means the competition begins.  That's 1 for Bryce and 0 for Ben.  Knowing my little Ben, he'll probably just start crawling out of spite.

Here is a picture of Bryce rolling over for the second time at his Oma and Opa's house this afternoon.  Once again, I missed the actual roll and only caught him after the fact.  Oma said she didn't help him, but can you really trust an Oma?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

5 Months Today!

Our boys are 5 months old today!  We will not have another doctor checkup until they turn 6 months, so we're not sure how much they've grown since last month.  I can definitely tell they've grown though because some of their 6-month clothes that used to fit perfectly are now starting to feel a little snug!

A few other changes since last month...

-They often turn to look at us when we call their names.
-They're going through a phase where they only want mommy to feed and put them to bed at night.  Evan and I are working hard to break them of this!
-They'll spit bubbles on command. :)
-They're starting to play with their toys.
-We tried to add rice cereal to their bottles, but their stomachs did not react well at all.  So, we stopped after a couple of days.  We'll start with vegetables and fruits within the next couple of weeks.
-They can support their heads very well now, which makes carrying them around so much easier.  We can't wait until they can hold their own bottles!
-They're starting to get bored quickly, especially when laying on their backs.  They're happiest when we hold them in a sitting or standing position.
-They still can't roll over and HATE tummy time, so maybe they'll just skip crawling and go straight to walking!

That's all I can think of for now, so here are their 5 month photos.  We started the morning with our traditional monkey picture...

5 monkeys = 5 months

Before leaving the house, I decided to take another quick picture... can Bryce (left) look any more bored?  And, don't you just love their mohawks? :)

As many times as I've made them pose with their stuffed monkeys, I think they think the monkeys are their real friends!

Can you tell which one of our boys is the more "temperamental" one?

Here they are at only 5 days old.  I can't believe how tiny they were.

I wish they would still sleep close together like this... I loved watching them sleep face to face.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ready For Christmas!

I think the boys are ready for their first Christmas!